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Payroll Portal

24/7 access online or via app. Get access to reports and payslips on the go.

Payroll Portal

We use Brightpay Connect as our payroll portal for clients.


BrightPay Connect enables employees to log in to their self-service portal using their PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. Within the employee’s self service portal, employees can access and retrieve payslips and other documentation.

Employees can also use the self-service portal to view and update various personal information, such as phone number and postal address.

The self-service portal also includes an employee calendar, allowing employees to view past and scheduled leave, such as annual leave, sick leave, and statutory leave. Employees can request annual leave through the portal.


With BrightPay Connect, employers can access an additional layer of data. Employers can access the payslips, calendars and information of all employees in the employer data file.

If an employee requests annual leave via their self-service portal, the employer will get a notification to approve or reject the leave request. In doing so, the employee will instantly get confirmation of the leave, and the leave will be added to the employee's calendar in both the employee and employer portals as well as in the BrightPay employer data file itself.

Reporting is also integrated with BrightPay Connect. All reports can be viewed from within the employer self-service portal, allowing employers to access reports on the go anytime. P30 details are also included, with a record of HMRC payments made and amounts still due to HMRC.

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